The Benefits Of Using Option Funding As Your Westlake Village, CA, Mortgage Broker

Buying a home is an exciting time of life for individuals and couples in Westlake Village, CA. Finding the right mortgage broker to help you finance the purchase is easy if you work with Option Funding.

Unlike traditional banks and mortgage providers, we offer a full range of mortgage solutions for people with all types of income. Many lenders do not provide home loans to those who are self-employed or those who work in non-traditional types of jobs.

Our Mortgage Options

Option Funding has brought together different options in home loans. For those with low credit scores or limited down payments, we offer the option of FHA loans. These loans are ideal for first-time homebuyers and for other qualifying individuals.

For buyers interested in a no down payment loan, we offer several different considerations. These zero down loans are available in both FHA loans and conventional loan options, but the buyer will need to have 640 or above FICO credit score to qualify.

No Income Loans

No income loans or bank statement loans are an effective option for those who are self-employed, work seasonally, or have income other than from employment. These may also be called true stated loans, where the borrower is able to state their income without having to provide pay stubs, tax returns, or other traditional types of income verification.

When you need a mortgage in the Westlake Village, CA, area, turn to the mortgage brokers at Option Funding. We offer a variety of loans for all types of buyers, including conventional and non-conventional loan options.